Saturday 20 February 2016

TED-eD: The World's English Mania - Jay Walker

Class Opening Lesson

Why are we learning English enthusiastically?<---  Click this link
 to answer some questions.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

This is the video when we had the last lunch together. Lana will leave on Thursday 12 June. She is my first friend in ELT MA course.

                       TO  Lan DU

Memory at Warwick

Monday 3 March 2014


I have learned a lot from this ICT & Multimedia in ELT class. I would like to regard this Blog as my portfoli0 in which I put every work I tried for some useful use. In every class, I was always surprised to find out new materials. Now it is our turn to bring those resources to our own context and use them efficiently. This homepage is a kind of diary where I wrote down the daily events. However, on each page, I describe everything which I learned and tried during the module according to each purpose. Therefore please flip the every page and watch it. 

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Russell Stannard in ICT in ELT class in Warwick           Tuesday, 21 January 2014  

Mr. Stannard talked really enthusiastically in our ICT in ELT class and explained about the way how ICT for language learning should be in the futureThat is the' Connected classroom.'

The summary of his talk is as follows:
Connected classroom:
             This can extend the lesson and link the out-of-class learning to the classroom lesson.
Flipped classroom:
             Everybody can share the common learning materials, flip in the lesson. 
            (cf.) Multimedia training blog
Using technology:
             How do we  teach/learn language by ICT ?
             Linking methodologies,  increasing communication,
                *  Pedagogy can lead technology (pedagogy comes first)
             *  Focus is speaking and communication
                *   The change of examination system can be happened
                *   Constructing knowledge
                *   People communicate with technology
                *   Communicative language learning

This is a very useful site which instruct us how to use some ICT tools visually. Everybody, even a novice teacher, can understand how to
manage them easily. A lot of  "How to" are introduced in this site.

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Welcome to Fumiko's Challenge

I am an English teacher for senior high school students in Japan.  At the present, I myself is a student of MA of ELT in Warwick University in UK.

I've always thought 'Education' is really profound and I always learn by trial and error. Therefore I'd like to investigate ELT from pedagogical point of view as well as from linguistic point of view.

This blog is constituted of some pages, on each of which I will put the topic. I will express my opinions and suggest some ideas on my own initiative.  At the same time, I hope that many of you will post what you always have in your mind in terms of  ELT or EDUCATION and will arise a large amount of discussion here.

Autonomous learning is the most attractive for me now. If students  could obtain such ability, they may possibly control their own learning process by themselves, which can help them acquire what they really need when they desire to learn it in their life. That is, autonomy is the power for living. Online applications can be useful to foster motivation of learners and empower them to manage their learning.

Friday 10 January 2014

A Classroom in Japan

What happens in Japanese ELT classroom?
  • A big class size: 30 〜 40 students each class.

  • The differences in the students' capability of English language is striking.

  • Teachers are always too busy to spare enough time for lessons. Because they have to play variety kinks of roles; such as consulting a student and his/her parents, managing a homeroom, guiding students for the future course, taking charge of club activites, doing school duties assingned to an individual teacher, having an experimental class and so on.

  • A New Course of Study focuses on the communicative English and the MEXT prescribed that English high school teachers in Japan should primalily conduct an English class through English.

  • Some students are never interested in English language. They think that they don't need English for their life. That is, their motivation in English is really low. On the other hand, other students are indulge in their learning English and won the devate competetion or won the championship in the speech contest.
The cherry blossoms in  my neighborhood.
Cherry trees are in full blossom in most all the schools in Japan in April.   It looks that cherry trees give us their blessing.

New semester starts in April in Japan. April is the new starting point for the freshmen and every students have their hopes up.

We, teachers, also hope that all the students will attain their goals and graduate from the school with delight. We teachers think that our main job is helping the students grow up to be a good member of the society. It is not just teaching English, but also fostering human nature through English teaching or other school activities.
This is a very impressive song by Naotaro Moriyama 'Sakura'.  Click here.